What’s The Difference Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows?

residential hurricane windows

If you’ve decided to upgrade your current window systems: congrats! You’re taking the first step towards increasing your home’s defenses while beautifying the exterior and interior of your house at the same time. While searching for new windows, you’ve likely come across a few different terms, including impact windows and hurricane windows. What are they, what’s the difference between them, and which one is right for your South Florida home? The Eurotech team breaks it down for you!

What Are Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane windows are a staple in South Florida, providing homeowners and business owners alike with the defense necessary against large storm patterns from tropical depressions all the way to category 5 storms. Built to withstand the toughest wind speeds upwards of 150+ mph, hurricane windows have to be strong enough to defend against thrown debris, high wind speeds, and heavy pressure during a large storm such as a hurricane.

With Hurricane season being as unpredictable as it can be, having to put up and take down shutters and wood panels for half a year can be taxing and especially difficult depending on the placement of certain windows. With hurricane windows installed, you won’t have to worry about installing traditional hurricane defense, as hurricane windows stay installed all year long. This allows you to focus on securing other essentials for your home before the storm ever arrives.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are windows that have been crafted to withstand tremendous impacts without shattering. Utilizing a 7/16″ thick laminated and heat strengthened glass pane, as well as a heavy gauge aluminum alloy for the frame, your windows are built to withstand anything that gets thrown its way. Impact windows defense against intruders and thrown debris, as well as offers ancillary defenses against things such as UV rays, heat, and sound pollution.

So What’s The Difference Between Hurricane Windows And Impact Windows?

Unless in very unique circumstances, hurricane windows and impact windows will typically mean the same thing. Geographically, you might find citizens residing in Southeast states referring to them as “hurricane windows”, whereas midwest and western states may have a completely different name for them! Always make sure to check the ratings for your impact windows to ensure that they were truly designed to withstand any impact, including heavy winds from large storm patterns such as tropical storms and hurricanes.

If you’re looking for stunning hurricane windows for your home or business in South Florida, look no further than Eurotech Industries. Our impact window and door systems were designed to defend against whatever Mother Nature throws your way. To learn more, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967.