Top 4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Standard Windows

impact windows over subpar standard windows

The windows in your home may be one thing you never thought about that could cause major problems. As building codes were much more lenient when your home was first built compared to today, many things installed back then would never pass inspection if put up today. One such thing are the standard builders windows of the 90s and 2000s. These poor windows were a low cost option installed on cookie cutter homes that offered little in the way of defense. With a performance lifespan of 15-20 years, they’re already past their expiration date. If you’ve never considered swapping out your original windows, it’s likely time to make the switch. Even so, subpar windows can appear to be perfectly fine, which is why there’s a few key signs to determine when it’s time to replace your standard windows.

It’s Cold When It Should Be Warm And Vice Versa

When a window is new, it can keep the temperature of your home consistent all year round. As time goes on though and the years pass by without proper maintenance or repairs to maintain its efficiency as an insulator begins to fail dramatically. This forces your A/C to work that much harder to keep your home hotter/colder depending on the temperature outside. Cold drafts and excessive heat can seep into your home much quicker than they would with higher performing windows, which can lead to a rather uncomfortable living experience in your home.

Exterior Noise Is Seeping Inside Constantly

The sound of cars driving by, lawn mowers cutting grass on a Sunday morning, and dogs barking at 4am can be bothersome. Subpar standard windows can allow that noise to flood the interior of your home, making it an impossible task while just trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. This will continue to get progressively worse as more time passes.

Windows Won’t Move

Windows are a crucial part of any home’s infrastructure. The older they get, the more likely it is that rust and rot will form on their frames which makes moving or repairing them nearly impossible. In the event of an emergency, your windows should function as a means for escape. If you can’t open them and are trapped inside then that poses serious problems to both safety and reliability.

You’re Relying On Shutters Or Wood Panels During Hurricanes

South Floridians have to rely on various techniques and materials to defend their homes against the prospective damage of a hurricane, with two key solutions being aluminum shutters and wood panels. While both have been traditional means of defending your home, they’re outdated and potentially more dangerous than you might expect. Instead, count on impact windows. Impact Windows are the best choice for protection against high winds and flying debris during major storms. They’re rated for the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone and all Miami-Dade building codes, which means they’ll keep your home safe even if a hurricane strikes.

If you’re looking for high-quality impact windows for your home to replace your subpar standards windows, contact the Eurotech Industries team today!