ETI manufactures impact-resistant doors from a heavy gauge aluminum alloy. We use 7/16″ thick laminated and heat strengthened glass for the panels. Together, these materials survive many brute-force stresses, such as wind-whipped hurricane debris and attempts at forced entry.
The strength of the materials in our doors allows us to offer larger sizes than other manufacturers.

Superior Materials and Engineering

The material and design technology behind our impact doors arose originally in Italy. Over the decades, ETI has refined our products to perform in the demanding environment of South Florida. As you know the occasional hurricane and tropical storm is part of the Florida lifestyle.

Impact doors prepare your home or business to withstand Category 5 winds. Our products hold impressive performance ratings for:

  • Water resistance
  • Wind load pressures
  • Forced entry test

With our hurricane doors, you are ready 365 days a year, whether you are home or out of town.
Their heavy-duty construction and weather resistance also makes them great at keeping out high temperatures unwanted noise and intrusion.
You also retain the ability to enter and exit your home instead of covering entrances with metal shutters or plywood during a storm..

Homeowner Insurance Credit

ETI hurricane doors and windows should result in a discount on your insurance due to their potential for damage reduction during extreme events. These doors also reduce the possibility of loss through theft because they make forced entry next to impossible.

Home Value Enhancement

Everything about a home’s location, design, and materials contribute to its home value. When you install impact doors, with impact windows, you raise the value of your home. Potential buyers always appreciate impact-resistant features in Florida due to the inevitable reality of high-wind events.

Impact Door Types

No compromises in appearance are necessary to enjoy the security that comes from hurricane doors. Decades in this industry have empowered ETI to engineer beautiful impact doors that endure harsh weather conditions.

Our showroom features:

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Custom colors, finishes and designs.

Frame and Glass Color Options

Our factory has versatile capabilities when you desire a certain look for your home. Standard color choices for the frames are white and bronze, but feel free to request a custom color. As for the glass panels, you can get them in clear, gray, bronze, green, Low E, and obscure for privacy while still allowing light infiltration.

Door Options

  • Multi-point locks
  • European tandem rollers (for sliding glass doors)
  • European-style powder coated handle
  • European manufactured hinges
  • Hidden door Hold opens
  • Multiple Handle Options
  • Double weather stripping
  • Stainless steel assembly screws
  • Operable sidelights
  • Retractable screens

ETI has all types of hurricane doors and windows that you can customize to protect and beautify your home. Don’t wait for the next time that bad weather hits the Sunshine State. Contact us by email or phone (954) 630-9967 today.

Find Out More

Plan a visit to our factory showroom in Oakland Park, Florida. Call (954) 630-9967 or email ETI today.