How Impact Windows Keep You Cool During The Summer

impact windows during summer months

It’s a hot summer in Florida and as you know, air conditioning units are working overtime to keep homes cool. While this helps with the temperature of your house during these sweltering months from June through September, it has an effect on how much energy goes into running that unit all year long—with one big takeaway being higher costs throughout the season!

The windows of your home are more than just a pretty face. They have major functions that affect the temperature inside your home in different ways, from letting cold air escape to maintaining solar heat gain. Subpar, standard windows can leave your home suffering all year long, heating it up dramatically and forcing your A/C system to work significantly harder. Why suffer through a hot summer? Your home doesn’t have to be hotter than the sun with impact windows and doors installed in your home.

Your Home Gets Hot Due To Solar Heat Gain

Although the sun is a brilliant source of heat and light, it can also take away from your home’s comfort by heating up windows. This process, called solar heat gain, takes place when rays hit surfaces such as glass which absorb most if not all radiation inside them before passing through into our homes where they begin to warm your home internally.

Homes in South Florida are often sweltering during the summer because of how little insulation standard builder’s windows provide. The result is a house that experiences dramatic temperature fluctuations throughout an afternoon, making it hard for homeowners to stay cool without using air conditioning or opening up their windows at night when they become too hot inside from excessive daytime sunlight coming through them.

Stay Cool Through The Hot Summer Months

Keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer is not an easy task. There are a few tips you can use to beat the heat. These include:

Count On Window Treatments

When you have beautiful natural light all day, it’s wonderful. With that said, you’ll likely be feeling the effects of that sunlight in a matter of minutes. If your home gets too hot because of prolonged exposure to the sun in South Florida during summertime, consider closing curtains or blinds when not using a certain room so that your air conditioning doesn’t need to work extra hard!

With these, you can avoid the problems of hot and stuffy rooms that come from heating up your home with no natural ventilation. These will actually do a significant job in stopping solar heat gain throughout most parts of this day which is great for your A/C unit as well!

Don’t Open Your Windows, Even For That Ocean Breeze

It is tempting to open your windows when your home starts feeling hot and muggy, but this will not help. Not only is hot air coming into the house with high humidity levels (which could reach 70%-90%), but there are other potential dangers such as pouring rains that start out of nowhere.

Make The Switch To Impact Windows

Your windows are playing a major role in how much heat gets into your home this summer. As mentioned earlier, underperforming or older window treatments will do little to no job at all for insulating and thus allowing solar energy gain transfer inside, leading to a stressed out A/C unit. Impact Windows are a great way to save on energy costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable during hot summer months. The natural insulating effect of these windows prevents heat from entering your home, so you’ll get to enjoy a much cooler home all Summer long.

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