Impact Doors Vs. Average Doors: Is There Really A Difference?


While you’ve been considering upgrading your home with impact windows, you’ve likely come across impact doors as well. It’s easy to write them off as a gimmick following the rise in popularity of impact windows, however make no mistake: impact doors offer significant upgrades over the standard door that’s currently installed—especially ones that were installed in South Florida homes constructed during the 90s and early 2000s! Don’t worry, the Eurotech Industries team is here to help break down the differences (and advantages) of Impact Doors with average doors.

Their Construction

The average “Builder’s Standard” door is constructed using two sheet metal panels, with an insulating filler in the middle. The frame itself is typically made from either wood or aluminum, with a wood block for the bolt and handle. Doors in South Florida are designed to open outward, so as to not have heavy winds blow the door inward and expose your family to the elements. While usually safe in other places of the country, high wind speeds and thrown debris during South Florida’s hurricanes & tropical storms can easily destroy standard doors due to their weak construction and poor materials.

Impact doors are built using materials designed and tested to withstand the highest wind speeds and heaviest impacts. They’re built utilizing fiberglass sheeting with wood and composite reinforcements to secure the frame, then filled with a polyurethane foam designed to withstand the worst of the worst. Finished off with highly durable hinges, you can rest knowing that your door will protect you and your family against whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Protection Against Outside Forces

While impact doors are advertised as the best defense against hurricanes and tropical storms in South Florida, they’re also significantly better in stopping intruders than standard doors. The front door of a home is the number one location where burglars and intruders try to forcibly enter, either through breaking the door down or smashing the glass and opening it from the other side.

That option is completely removed with an impact door. The entire construction stops burglars in their tracks from even attempting to break their way in. Door options such as a french door that utilizes a significant amount of decorative glass is built using the same impact glass that is used in Eurotech impact windows, ensuring that they’re nearly impenetrable. Intruders can try as they might, if a category 4 hurricane can’t break the door down, they definitely won’t.

Don’t rely on a subpar Builder’s Standard door to protect you and your family when you need it most. Instead, make the switch to an impact door by Eurotech Industries. For decades, we’ve had the pleasure of installing our impact doors in homes across South Florida’s tri-county area, and we’re eager to upgrade your door. Contact Eurotech Industries today either online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967.