Upgrade your doors to high-impact doors

Entry doors
Entry Doors

Our doors provide more than just added protection from a hurricane.

ETI manufactures impact-resistant doors from a heavy gauge aluminum alloy. We use 7/16″ thick laminated and heat-strengthened glass for the panels and stainless steel components. Together these materials survive many stresses, such as hurricane debris and attempts at forced entry. The strength of the materials in our doors allows us to offer larger sizes than other manufacturers.

Superior Materials and Engineering

The material and design technology behind our impact doors arose originally in Italy. ETI’s products are designed to perform in the demanding environment of South Florida.

Impact doors prepare your home or business to withstand winds and intrusions. Our products hold impressive performance ratings for:

  • Water resistance
  • Wind load pressures
  • Forced entry test

Our hurricane doors offer protection whether you are home or out of town.

Their heavy-duty construction and weather resistance also makes them great at keeping out high temperatures unwanted noise and intrusion. You also retain the ability to enter and exit your home instead of covering entrances with metal shutters or plywood during a storm.

Excellent Noise and UV Reduction

Impact Hurricane Laminated glass reduces intrusive exterior noise.

Improving comfort on hot days and easing the strain on your cooling system, tint and Low E coatings built into the glass diminish solar heat transfer providing protection against solar heat gain.

Currently no sales tax on Impact Doors.

^ Listen to the difference in noise levels when this impact door is open and closed.


Frame & Glass Styles

We offer customized designs and colors, two-tone paint, woodgrain finishes that some projects may require. Standard color choices for our frames are white, bronze, and black. Glass panels come tinted for energy efficiency with options for privacy.

Door Features

Heavy-duty aluminum frames with double seals, stainless steel components, heat-strengthen glass, and Giesse multi-point locks. Superior sizes and performance to keep your home safe and secure from hurricanes, intrusion, and noise while reducing energy costs, adding value, and enhancing appeal!

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