How To Properly Prepare For Hurricane Season 2021

While it may not seem like it, 2021 Hurricane Season is officially upon us. Starting every year in June, Hurricane Season officially gets underway, looming over South Floridian’s heads all the way through November. Unfortunately, many South Floridians will wait till the last minute as a hurricane is just hours away to start prepping for the incoming storm. Rather than just wait till it’s too late to start getting ready, it’s important to start your hurricane preparedness plan long before the first storm gets named.

Stock Up On Essential Supplies

Long time South Floridians know that every hurricane can knock down power lines, and cause blackouts across cities. Power could be out for a few days to several weeks. This leaves homeowners with no way to cook, store perishable foods, use their air conditioner, etc. The first step to your hurricane preparedness plan should be to stock up on absolute essentials. Some essentials include:

  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • Batteries
  • Water
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Sanitary Items (soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Battery Powered Fans
  • Battery or Solar Powered Lights
  • Solar Charger & Battery Bank

Stocking up in advance gives the bonus of avoiding the rush to the stores after a storm is confirmed to be heading our way. The moment the storm is officially coming towards us, the masses rush out to their local store, swarming every aisle and shelf. Waiting can lead to very limited supplies being available. Don’t stress out at the last minute, and stock up early.

Set Up An Evacuation Plan

While homeowners across South Florida will hunker down through every single storm, there are a few that should not be messed with. Each year, there tends to be 2-3 category 4 or 5 storms, pulling wind speeds upwards of 160 miles per hour. These storms are not to be messed with, as they only leave devastation in their path. It’s important to establish an evacuation route in your hurricane preparedness plan. In the event of a high-powered storm emerging, knowing where to go can be all the difference to getting to your destination in a safe and timely manner. When planning your hurricane preparedness plan, make sure your evacuation destination is somewhere away from the coast, and at a higher elevation. 

Ensure Your Home’s Safety With Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors

Protecting your family, home, and belongings should be the priority when it comes to your hurricane preparedness plan. Many homeowners elect for either simple shutters or even just wood panels. While they are better than just leaving your windows exposed to the environment, they shouldn’t be your only defense. Higher category hurricane-strength winds have been known to rip panels and shutters off. Most homes built throughout the South Florida area before 2000 were constructed without hurricane-resistant windows. Updating your homes with hurricane-resistant glass offers far superior protection against the elements. Paired with shutters, you and your family can rest easy even when the toughest storm comes rolling through.

With so many different brands available, finding the right hurricane-resistant windows for your hurricane preparedness plan can be difficult. Thankfully, you can trust our glass when you need to most. All Eurotech Windows & Doors are rated far higher than the competition. Interested in learning more? Simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967 and our team will be happy to assist!