High-Quality Impact Windows in Delray Beach

Are you tired of dealing with ugly accordion shutters to protect your Delray Beach home? Looking for a solution that both protects your home while still looking stunning? You’ve found it with Eurotech Industries.

For over 25 years, we’ve worked to establish as the premier manufacturer and installer of high-end impact windows in Delray Beach. While they primarily provide homeowners with tremendous defensive capabilities against external forces, there’s also a myriad of additional benefits that come with making the switch from your standard subpar windows to high-quality impact windows in Delray Beach.

We’ve built our reputation on providing each and every homeowner with the highest level of care and customer service. From start to finish, you can count on the Eurotech team to be right by your side every step of the way.

Hurricane Protection In Delray Beach

Each year, the residents of Delray Beach have to hunker down and prepare for the potential threat of tropical storms and hurricanes each year from June through November. These hulking storms bring with them torrential downpours heavy winds, and massive amounts of pressure—all of which your home has to defend against. Of course, the first thing every

Delray Beach homeowner needs to do is pinpoint their home’s weak points—the main one being your windows. Standard windows can sustain winds up to 77 miles per hour, or a very weak category 1 hurricane. After that, you’ll find your windows shattering under the immense pressure of the storm.

To properly defend against these large storms, we’ve seen Delray Beach citizens elect for methods such as wood panels, fixed accordion shutters, and even tape. However tape and wood panels have been proven to succumb to the sheer speed of hurricane force winds, leaving your windows completely exposed. While aluminum accordion shutters offer far more protection than the previous two options, they’re unsightly and fixed to the exterior of your home forever. They also require significant setup every single time a storm is announced to be heading your way. This is especially true for homes with a large amount of windows. Thankfully, you’re no longer confined to these methods any longer.

With Eurotech’s high-quality Delray Beach impact windows, you receive hurricane protection the moment they’re installed. Our impact windows don’t require any further setup; they’re designed to immediately defend your home against heavy impacts and wind speeds upwards of 160 miles per hour. Our impact windows are Miami-Dade N.O.A. certified, passing the strictest building codes in the United States.

Eurotech’s impact windows will defend your home against hurricanes better than any of the aforementioned home defense options available to Delray Beach citizens, all while looking stunning the entire time.

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Our High-Quality Impact Windows Offer Environmental Defenses

On top of their hurricane resistance, Eurotech impact windows offer Delray Beach homeowners with a variety of ancillary benefits that provide you and your family with significant quality of life enhancements. These include:

Intruder Defense

It can happen to anyone: you’re away from your home, only to return to find your windows smashed and your home ransacked. This breach in privacy can leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home. 

Burglars and intruders target windows as they’re the quickest and easiest entry points to break through. That isn’t the case with Eurotech’s impact windows, though. Our impact windows are rated to withstand 160+ mile per hour winds and have been tested against a multitude of different variables & impacts, ensuring they’ll keep out intruders time and time again. 

UV and Heat Protection

Delray Beach’s citizens are all too familiar with South Florida’s year-long heat, but there’s a hidden danger that the sun brings: ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet, or UV, rays can cause significant damage to your skin when exposed for a significant amount of time. This is the same case for the rest of your home. UV rays easily penetrate standard windows, causing damage to everything inside your home after being exposed for a prolonged period of time. Fabrics will chip and peel, and colors begin to fade. Eurotech’s high-quality impact windows in Delray Beach dramatically reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that are able to make their way into your home.

Even when it feels like it’s 100 degrees outside, our impact windows insulate your home to ensure it’s the right temperature inside. This strong insulating effect keeps your A/C from having to work harder, and thus keeps your energy bill lower all year long. 

Sound Protection

There’s nothing worse than hearing the outside world clearly inside your own home. It’s distracting, exhausting, and frustrating. Whether it be a dog barking, a neighbor mowing, or morning traffic, you deserve peace and quiet in your own home. It’s finally achievable with Eurotech’s impact windows! The thick impact glass acts as an insulator, lowering the amount of noise that’s capable of entering your home. That way, you and your family can enjoy your home to the absolute fullest.

Eurotech Impact Windows Provide Your Home With Aesthetic Enhancements

Not only do our impact windows defend your Delray Beach home, they look incredible too. We’ve drawn inspiration from styles all across Europe to bring them right to your home. Each and every one of our window styles are manufactured to truly enhance the overall aesthetic of your home the moment they’re installed. 

Impact Window Installation In Delray Beach

Eurotech Industries not only manufactures its impact windows in Delray Beach, but it also installs them! Your new windows are only as good as the professional installation process, and that’s why we take it upon ourselves to provide you with our high-quality impact window installation services. 

From the moment you contact us till the moment your new windows are installed, the Eurotech team is right by your side. We’ll guide you through each and every step, and we take the time to answer each question you may have. That’s the Eurotech difference.

Your Trusted Source For Impact Windows In Delray Beach

Don’t spend countless hours searching for an impact window company and trust the experts at Eurotech Industries. To receive a free quote, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967!