High-End Impact Windows in Pompano Beach

Traditionally, Pompano Beach homeowners have had to rely on methods such as aluminum accordion shutters and wood panels to protect their homes against heavy storms like tropical storms and hurricanes, however these solutions are unsightly and once removed provide you no more protection than putting tape over your windows—it doesn’t work, trust us. Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on these outdated window solutions to protect your home thanks to Eurotech Industries.

As the leading manufacturer of high end impact windows in Pompano Beach for over 25 years, we know that your home deserves quality impact windows. While most homeowners rave about their defensive capabilities, Eurotech’s high end impact windows offer unbelievable aesthetic enhancements for Pompano Beach homes. Whether a new construction project or retrofitting your current home, Eurotech Industries aims to be the last impact window installer in Pompano Beach you ever need to contact.

Hurricane Protection In Pompano Beach

Much like the rest of South Florida, living in Pompano Beach certainly has its perks—from the blue skies to the rolling ocean breeze. However, every year from June 1st to November 30th South Floridians have to hunker down and defend their homes against large storm systems known as hurricanes. It’s difficult to predict when a hurricane will make its path towards Pompano Beach, which is why homeowners have to always be on high alert and ready to protect their home at a moments notice. Having to manually install wood panels or close up aluminum shutters can be a tremendous pain, especially when you likely have to secure other supplies before the storm arrives.

One of the most critical issues with traditional impact window defense methods such as aluminum accordion shutters and wood panels is in their initial concept. Rather than provide your windows with upgraded defenses, they simply enclose your windows. This removes your line of sight to what’s occurring outside during a heavy storm, and leaves your windows defenseless in the event the shutters or panels fail during a storm.

With Eurotech’s hurricane impact windows, the moment they’re installed the first time they immediately begin providing your home with improved defense against heavy winds and high-speed impacts. Both our impact windows and impact doors have received the Miami-Dade N.O.A., one of the strictest building codes in the United States.

Our hurricane impact windows in Pompano Beach will provide you and your family with the peace of mind knowing your home’s weak points are now its strongest shields against the storm raging outside.

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Our High-Quality Impact Windows Offer Environmental Defenses

In addition to our storm defense, Eurotech’s luxury impact windows in Pompano Beach provide homeowners with a multitude of additional benefits that protects their home inside and out. These include, but are not limited to:

Intruder Defense

While we all hope it doesn’t happen to us, burglars and intruders are always lurking, striking when you least expect it. They target your home’s weakest entry points, which tends to be your windows. A simple strike with a blunt object will send your glass windows crashing down, but that isn’t the case with impact windows.

As they’re rated to withstand wind speeds upwards of 160+ miles per hour, Eurotech impact windows can and will defend your home against an uninvited guest.

UV and Heat Protection

With Pompano Beach’s demanding heat it can be just as hot inside as it is outside! Homeowners may find themselves getting sunburns while sitting inside their home all day. This is caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays passing through standard windows and into your home. Not only can UV rays affect you, but can damage your belongings inside as well. Continued direct impact by UV rays can cause fabrics and paints to fade over time. Thankfully, Eurotech impact windows drastically reduce the amount of UV that is able to penetrate into the interior of your home, keeping you and your belongings safe—even if it’s 100 degrees out!

In addition to its UV defense, Eurotech’s impact windows in Pompano Beach provide a tremendous insulation effect, preventing high levels of heat from entering your home and thus keeping your A/C system from having to work overtime.

Sound Protection

Whether it’s a heavy storm raging outside, neighbors mowing their lawn early in the morning, or just traffic passing by, constant noise can quickly deteriorate your quality of life inside your home. Thick impact window glass acts as a heavy insulator, keeping unwanted noise out of your home, bringing back the peace so you can enjoy your home with your loved ones to the fullest without any unnecessary distractions.

Eurotech Impact Windows Provide Your Home With Aesthetic Enhancements

Our impact windows not only protect your home as they’ve been designed to enhance the overall appearance of your home inside and out. Drawing inspiration from stunning window styles found throughout Europe, we’ve designed and manufactured our impact windows in Pompano Beach to provide your home with the same level of elegance. Minimizing our frame’s bezel maximizes your window’s maximum viewport while still ensuring its sturdiness through the toughest of impacts.

Impact Window Installation In Pompano Beach

Eurotech Industries not only manufactures our impact windows in Pompano Beach, but we also install them as well! Your impact windows are only as good as their installation, which is why we’re more than happy to take that into our own hands. We want to provide each and every one of our clients with the highest quality service from start to finish, and we ensure that by working closely with them through each and every step. Our team of highly skilled factory certified installers know our impact windows better than anyone else and will guarantee a flawless installation each and every time. Our installation teams are minimally invasive and quick, so you can get to enjoying your new impact windows before you know it.

Your Trusted Source For Impact Windows In Pompano Beach

Don’t spend countless hours searching for an impact window company and trust the experts at Eurotech Industries. To receive a free quote, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967!

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