High-End Impact Windows in Boca Raton

For years, citizens of Boca Raton have relied heavily on more traditional methods of hurricane and storm protection such as wood panels and unsightly aluminum accordion shutters to provide their homes with the necessary defenses against hurricane-force winds. While they’ve offered somewhat decent defense in a pinch, your home deserves a window solution that ensures defense against these large storms, while also providing your home with a wealth of benefits—enter Eurotech Industries high-end impact windows.

Eurotech Industries has been manufacturing and installing our impact windows in Boca Raton for well over 25 years, providing homeowners with impact window solutions that not only provide homes with increased protection from storms and exterior forces, but provide a myriad of additional benefits and aesthetic upgrades. Looking for high-end impact windows for a new construction home in Boca Raton, or retrofitting your current home? You’ve found it with Eurotech Industries.

Hurricane Protection In Boca Raton

Similarly to the rest of South Florida, life in Boca Raton comes with its upsides, such as fantastic weather, blue skies, and close proximity to the ocean. Unfortunately, there’s periods where the weather is anything but “fantastic”. Every year from June 1st to November 30th, citizens of Boca Raton prepare for large storms known as tropical storms and hurricanes. Even with advances in tracking technology, pathing where a hurricane may go is still difficult. That’s why it’s important homeowners across Boca Raton are prepared to protect their home the moment a storm is announced to be making its way. Wood panels and aluminum shutters require significant installation/setup time to have prepared. They completely enclose your home from the outside world, keeping you completely blind to what’s going on outside. Second story windows and decorative windows can be a pain as well to set up, especially when you need to secure other important supplies during the rush. This isn’t the case for high-end impact windows by Eurotech.

Instead, our Boca Raton impact windows are ready to defend your home the moment they’re installed. From there, you don’t have to worry about any setup whatsoever. Our hurricane impact windows have received the Miami Dade N.O.A, the strictest building code in the U.S., guaranteeing their effectiveness. 

You can count on Eurotech’s hurricane impact windows in Boca Raton to provide you and your family with the peace of mind knowing your home is equipped for whatever comes its way. While the storm rages outside, you and your family can rest easy inside. 

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Our High-Quality Impact Windows Offer Environmental Defenses

Eurotech’s luxury impact windows in Boca Raton provide homeowners with a multitude of additional benefits that protects their home inside and out. These include, but are not limited to: 

Intruder Defense

The windows of your house are often the first target for burglars, so it’s important to make sure they can’t break in. Fortunately there is an easy way around this problem-impact resistant windows in Boca Raton! Our impact windows will protect you from any sort or blunt object thrown at them with no fear of shattering and allowing unwanted guests to make their way into your home. 

As they’re rated to withstand wind speeds upwards of 160+ miles per hour, Eurotech impact windows can and will defend your home against burglars every single time. 

UV and Heat Protection

The Boca Raton home owners may find themselves getting sunburns while sitting inside their own homes all day. This can be caused by the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays passing through standard windows and into your property. Not only is this harmful to your body, it can damage the belongings in your home as well. With enough exposure, UV rays will cause your furniture and items to chip, crack, fade, and fall apart over time.

With Eurotech’s impact windows, the amount of UV that is able to seep into your home is dramatically reduced due to our window’s insulating properties. 

In addition to keeping UV levels low, our impact windows also defend your homes against high levels of heat from entering your Boca Raton home and raising the overall temperature. Rather than suffer from an A/C unit working overtime and an energy bill that keeps soaring, you can enjoy true comfort with impact windows that flawlessly insulate your home, keeping that high heat outside your home.

Sound Protection

The constant noise of storms, lawn mowing neighbors and traffic passing by can quickly deteriorate your quality life inside the home. Thick impact window glass manufactured and installed by Eurotech Industries offer excellent insulation against unwanted sounds that enter your home. That way, you and your family can enjoy your home to the fullest without hearing everything else going on outside!

Eurotech Impact Windows Provide Your Home With Aesthetic Enhancements

Using the latest technology and craftsmanship, we have made it our goal to design impact windows that not only protect your home but also enhance its overall appearance. We take inspiration from stunning European architectural styles such as traditional french doors to create an elegant look for your home inside and out.

Impact Window Installation In Boca Raton

Eurotech is proud to not only be the leading manufacturer of impact windows in Boca Raton, but we’re able to install them as well. We strongly believe that your new windows are only as effective as their installation, that’s why it’s important to us that we handle your impact window installation in Boca Raton. Our team of highly trained professionals have the experience and skills necessary to ensure a seamless installation. Minimally invasive, our team is in and out as quickly as possible to ensure you and your family can get to enjoying your new impact windows right away. 

Your Trusted Source For Impact Windows In Boca Raton

Don’t spend countless hours searching for an impact window company and trust the experts at Eurotech Industries. To receive a free quote, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967!

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