Benefits of Impact / Hurricane Windows and doors

Impact windows and doors upgrade your home in many ways. The primary reward for the investment is that your home or business becomes more resilient in the face of extreme weather with an updated appearance and value.
ETI impact-resistant doors and windows repel:

  • Wind-driven rain and debris
  • Unwanted noise and intruders

365 Days of Protection

Installation of ETI doors and windows permanently prepares your building for high wind and heavy rain events. The upgrade provides for you 24/7 opposed to shutters that are effective only when you put them up closing off the opening.

Higher Home Value

Hurricane windows and doors are a premium upgrade for any building in a storm prone area. Appraisers and home buyers recognize the value in the investment that you have made.

More Home Security

It stands to reason that if a door or window is hard for a hurricane to beat down, then an intruder has little chance of success. With the strength of ETI windows and doors on your side, you can expect to deter crime and earn a discount on your homeowner insurance.

Greater Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Everyone wants doors and windows that limit heat exchange between interior and exterior spaces. Our doors and windows perform exceptionally well at sealing out extreme temperatures. As a result, less energy is needed to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Quiet Bliss

Impact-resistant doors and windows provide great sound insulation.  Eliminating late night traffic and morning leaf blower noise, a quieter interior promotes a more peaceful life and better sleep.

As you can see, you do not have to wait for the next storm to benefit from hurricane windows and impact doors. Find out more at our factory showroom in Oakland Park, Florida. Email ETI or call (954) 630-9967 today.