Top 4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Standard Windows

The windows in your home may be one thing you never thought about that could cause major problems. As building codes were much more lenient when your home was first built compared to today, many things installed back then would never pass inspection if put up today. One such thing are the standard builders windows of the 90s and 2000s. These poor windows were a low cost option installed on cookie cutter homes that offered little in the way of defense. With a performance lifespan of 15-20 years, they’re already past their expiration date. If you’ve never considered swapping out your original windows, it’s likely time to make the switch. Even so, subpar windows can appear to be perfectly fine, which is why there’s a few key signs to determine when it’s time to replace your standard windows.

It’s Cold When It Should Be Warm And Vice Versa

When a window is new, it can keep the temperature of your home consistent all year round. As time goes on though and the years pass by without proper maintenance or repairs to maintain its efficiency as an insulator begins to fail dramatically. This forces your A/C to work that much harder to keep your home hotter/colder depending on the temperature outside. Cold drafts and excessive heat can seep into your home much quicker than they would with higher performing windows, which can lead to a rather uncomfortable living experience in your home.

Exterior Noise Is Seeping Inside Constantly

The sound of cars driving by, lawn mowers cutting grass on a Sunday morning, and dogs barking at 4am can be bothersome. Subpar standard windows can allow that noise to flood the interior of your home, making it an impossible task while just trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. This will continue to get progressively worse as more time passes.

Windows Won’t Move

Windows are a crucial part of any home’s infrastructure. The older they get, the more likely it is that rust and rot will form on their frames which makes moving or repairing them nearly impossible. In the event of an emergency, your windows should function as a means for escape. If you can’t open them and are trapped inside then that poses serious problems to both safety and reliability.

You’re Relying On Shutters Or Wood Panels During Hurricanes

South Floridians have to rely on various techniques and materials to defend their homes against the prospective damage of a hurricane, with two key solutions being aluminum shutters and wood panels. While both have been traditional means of defending your home, they’re outdated and potentially more dangerous than you might expect. Instead, count on impact windows. Impact Windows are the best choice for protection against high winds and flying debris during major storms. They’re rated for the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone and all Miami-Dade building codes, which means they’ll keep your home safe even if a hurricane strikes.

If you’re looking for high-quality impact windows for your home to replace your subpar standards windows, contact the Eurotech Industries team today!

How Impact Windows Keep You Cool During The Summer

It’s a hot summer in Florida and as you know, air conditioning units are working overtime to keep homes cool. While this helps with the temperature of your house during these sweltering months from June through September, it has an effect on how much energy goes into running that unit all year long—with one big takeaway being higher costs throughout the season!

The windows of your home are more than just a pretty face. They have major functions that affect the temperature inside your home in different ways, from letting cold air escape to maintaining solar heat gain. Subpar, standard windows can leave your home suffering all year long, heating it up dramatically and forcing your A/C system to work significantly harder. Why suffer through a hot summer? Your home doesn’t have to be hotter than the sun with impact windows and doors installed in your home.

Your Home Gets Hot Due To Solar Heat Gain

Although the sun is a brilliant source of heat and light, it can also take away from your home’s comfort by heating up windows. This process, called solar heat gain, takes place when rays hit surfaces such as glass which absorb most if not all radiation inside them before passing through into our homes where they begin to warm your home internally.

Homes in South Florida are often sweltering during the summer because of how little insulation standard builder’s windows provide. The result is a house that experiences dramatic temperature fluctuations throughout an afternoon, making it hard for homeowners to stay cool without using air conditioning or opening up their windows at night when they become too hot inside from excessive daytime sunlight coming through them.

Stay Cool Through The Hot Summer Months

Keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer is not an easy task. There are a few tips you can use to beat the heat. These include:

Count On Window Treatments

When you have beautiful natural light all day, it’s wonderful. With that said, you’ll likely be feeling the effects of that sunlight in a matter of minutes. If your home gets too hot because of prolonged exposure to the sun in South Florida during summertime, consider closing curtains or blinds when not using a certain room so that your air conditioning doesn’t need to work extra hard!

With these, you can avoid the problems of hot and stuffy rooms that come from heating up your home with no natural ventilation. These will actually do a significant job in stopping solar heat gain throughout most parts of this day which is great for your A/C unit as well!

Don’t Open Your Windows, Even For That Ocean Breeze

It is tempting to open your windows when your home starts feeling hot and muggy, but this will not help. Not only is hot air coming into the house with high humidity levels (which could reach 70%-90%), but there are other potential dangers such as pouring rains that start out of nowhere.

Make The Switch To Impact Windows

Your windows are playing a major role in how much heat gets into your home this summer. As mentioned earlier, underperforming or older window treatments will do little to no job at all for insulating and thus allowing solar energy gain transfer inside, leading to a stressed out A/C unit. Impact Windows are a great way to save on energy costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable during hot summer months. The natural insulating effect of these windows prevents heat from entering your home, so you’ll get to enjoy a much cooler home all Summer long.

Contact Eurotech Industries today to learn more about the benefits of impact windows and how they can make a huge difference this summer.

5 Reasons To Get Impact Windows Over Aluminum Shutters

Hurricane season is right around the corner, which is why it’s as critical as ever to consider your home’s hurricane defense capabilities. Many South Florida homeowners have heavily relied on traditional methods like aluminum shutters to protect their home’s weak points: their windows. Today, you can cruise through nearly any South Florida neighborhood and you’re likely to see most, if not all, homes with aluminum shutters installed. However, just because it’s the go-to solution doesn’t mean it’s the best one.

Impact windows dramatically increase your home’s defenses against hurricane force winds and rains, among a multitude of other additional benefits your home wouldn’t receive from aluminum shutters. These include but aren’t limited to:

Significant Storm Defense

First and foremost, residential impact windows offer a major upgrade over aluminum shutters—and any other storm defense system for that matter. Residential impact windows are rated for wind speeds upwards of 160+ miles per hour, far exceeding that of the most powerful hurricanes to ever exist.

In addition, they also defend your home against thrown debris. During a major storm, large branches, pieces of metal, and more can be flung at your home at high speeds. Residential impact windows stop them right in their tracks, where aluminum shutters and other home defense options will begin to fail and deteriorate.

Aesthetic Upgrade

When initially installed, aluminum shutters are permanently affixed to the area surrounding all of your windows. What you’re left with is a large, unsightly frame that detracts from your home’s overall appearance. That’s not the case with residential impact windows. Instead, they replace your current windows, creating seamless, full framed viewpoints across your home.

Doesn’t Require Active Deployment

When a tropical storm or hurricane is detected to be pathing towards South Florida, everyone rushes to make their preparations, rushing to the stores to stock up on key essentials. Unfortunately, you lose that opportunity as you have to spend hours manually closing each and every aluminum shutter you have installed on your home. By the time everything’s closed up, you’ve likely lost an entire day depending on the number of windows your home has.

With impact windows, they immediately provide storm defense the moment they’re installed. There’s no need for additional setup ever again!

You Aren’t Trapped Inside

The key functional design of aluminum shutters is that they completely enclose your home’s windows. As such, when closed they completely engulf your windows, blocking the outside world. You have no way of seeing what’s going on outside, and practically no natural light can enter.

With residential impact windows installed, that feeling of being trapped inside goes away instantly. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the outside world without being completely locked inside during a storm, having the peace of mind to continue about your day without fear of Mother Nature affecting your home.

Tremendous Auxiliary Benefits

Aluminum shutters have one sole purpose: encase your windows in the event of a storm. Impact windows, on the other hand, carry a multitude of additional defenses and benefits you wouldn’t find elsewhere. These include:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Intruder Defense
  • Lowered Energy Bill
  • UV Ray Protection

If you’re considering whether it’s time to make the switch to impact windows for your home, we’re here to tell you it is! Eurotech Industries manufactures and installs its own high-quality impact windows for your home. Contact us today either online or give us a call (954) 630-9967.

3 Signs You Need To Install Impact Windows

It happens to everyone: they go back and forth as to whether their home really needs impact windows or not. They see some of the benefits, but they fail to recognize how much of a difference impact windows can actually make for your home. The Eurotech team is here to let you in on a secret, though: there’s a few telltale signs that you need to make the switch to impact windows as soon as possible. These include, but are not limited to:

Key Signs You Need To Switch To Impact Windows

Your House Is Never The Right Temperature

Have you noticed that your home is seemingly never the right temperature? No matter what you do with your thermostat, it still manages to feel cold in the winter and hot during the summer. This is likely the effect of underperforming windows. Standard windows were originally designed with an inert gas such as argon that filled the space between each pane to help regulate the temperature inside your home. As time wears on, this gas slowly escapes, leaving nothing to regulate the outside temperature. This causes your home to be colder in the winter months and hotter during the summer.

Impact windows insulate your home dramatically better than standard windows, keeping your A/C system from working overtime to keep your home cool/warm throughout the year. This, in turn, also leads to a lowered energy bill all year long.

You’re Relying On Shutters Or Wood Panels During Hurricanes

When Hurricane Season rolls around, are you relying on subpar hurricane defense systems such as wood panels or accordion shutters? While they’ve been the traditional solutions for South Floridians for years, they don’t provide nearly the same level of protection that you’ll find with impact windows. Rated for the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), impact windows are designed to provide superior defense against high wind speeds and thrown debris during a serious storm such as a tropical storm or hurricane.

You’re Uncomfortable In Your Own Home

There are several reasons you feel uncomfortable in your own home—all of which can be avoidable with impact windows. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable in your own home following such circumstances. Impact windows, though, completely remove this from being a possibility. As burglars and other intruders look for weak points in your home, windows tend to be the most targeted areas. With impact windows that are designed to withstand wind speeds upwards of 150+ mile per hour winds, your windows become your strongest fortification.

On top of home defense, there’s plenty of other reasons why you may feel uncomfortable in your own home. This can include things such as outside noise. Whether it be traffic or loud neighbors mowing the lawn at 7am on a Sunday, nobody wants to be disturbed within their own home. Impact windows drastically reduce the amount of outside noise that is able to make its way into your home thanks to their construction.

If you find yourself suffering from any of the above, it’s time to make the switch with Eurotech! For a free quote, contact the Eurotech team today either online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967.

What’s The Difference Between Hurricane Windows and Impact Windows?

If you’ve decided to upgrade your current window systems: congrats! You’re taking the first step towards increasing your home’s defenses while beautifying the exterior and interior of your house at the same time. While searching for new windows, you’ve likely come across a few different terms, including impact windows and hurricane windows. What are they, what’s the difference between them, and which one is right for your South Florida home? The Eurotech team breaks it down for you!

What Are Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane windows are a staple in South Florida, providing homeowners and business owners alike with the defense necessary against large storm patterns from tropical depressions all the way to category 5 storms. Built to withstand the toughest wind speeds upwards of 150+ mph, hurricane windows have to be strong enough to defend against thrown debris, high wind speeds, and heavy pressure during a large storm such as a hurricane.

With Hurricane season being as unpredictable as it can be, having to put up and take down shutters and wood panels for half a year can be taxing and especially difficult depending on the placement of certain windows. With hurricane windows installed, you won’t have to worry about installing traditional hurricane defense, as hurricane windows stay installed all year long. This allows you to focus on securing other essentials for your home before the storm ever arrives.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are windows that have been crafted to withstand tremendous impacts without shattering. Utilizing a 7/16″ thick laminated and heat strengthened glass pane, as well as a heavy gauge aluminum alloy for the frame, your windows are built to withstand anything that gets thrown its way. Impact windows defense against intruders and thrown debris, as well as offers ancillary defenses against things such as UV rays, heat, and sound pollution.

So What’s The Difference Between Hurricane Windows And Impact Windows?

Unless in very unique circumstances, hurricane windows and impact windows will typically mean the same thing. Geographically, you might find citizens residing in Southeast states referring to them as “hurricane windows”, whereas midwest and western states may have a completely different name for them! Always make sure to check the ratings for your impact windows to ensure that they were truly designed to withstand any impact, including heavy winds from large storm patterns such as tropical storms and hurricanes.

If you’re looking for stunning hurricane windows for your home or business in South Florida, look no further than Eurotech Industries. Our impact window and door systems were designed to defend against whatever Mother Nature throws your way. To learn more, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967.

Lifecycle Of A Hurricane

With hurricane season 2022 less than two months away, South Floridians should begin preparing for the potential of an active season. Unfortunately, we’ve found new homeowners and people who’ve lived here for decades underestimate the power of these storms. They write them off since there’s been so few the last few years, however make no mistake: Atlantic hurricanes can and will strike—it’s just a matter of time. 

To prepare properly for hurricane season is to know what you’re going up against, and to do so you’ll need to have a proper understanding of the hurricane lifecycle and its categories. Hurricanes are categorized by their sustained wind speeds, as their winds are what can and will cause the most damage in their path. These hurricane categories are: 

Tropical Disturbance

Wind Speeds: less than or equal to 23 miles per hour

A tropical disturbance is a pack of clouds that start to become dense, yet are still too loosely packed to have any shape. There is little damage possible during a tropical disturbance and is only the first stage towards a hurricane’s true potential. There will be well over 100 tropical disturbances every year, and only a small fraction of those will become a hurricane. 

Tropical Depression

Wind Speeds: between 23-38 miles per hour

The next stage from a tropical disturbance, a tropical depression will reach sustained wind speeds anywhere between 23-38 miles per hour. Some semblance of structure will begin to form, however it’s still far from that of a hurricane.

Tropical Storm

Wind Speeds: between 39-73 miles per hour

A storm reaches “tropical storm” status once it reaches 39 miles per hour. It has a clear structure and pattern. Many south Floridians are quick to write off tropical storms, but make no mistake: these storms can cause serious damage. There will be heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. 

Category 1

Wind Speeds: between 74-95 miles per hour

A category 1 hurricane is the first time a hurricane is truly a hurricane. It’s crossed the 74 mile per hour sustained wind speed threshold, and has become a “minor” hurricane—however it’s anything but minor. Wind speeds are considered dangerous and will cause some damage to your roof, fences, shrubbery, trees, and more. 

Category 2

Wind Speeds: between 96-110 miles per hour

Category 2 hurricanes have wind speeds between 96-110 miles per hour. There will be significant damage to your roof and the surrounding area, as well as power outages that last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 made landfall in South Florida as a category 2 storm, causing 3.2 million people to be without power, and roughly $19 billion dollars in damage throughout the entire state.

Category 3

Wind Speeds: between 111-129 miles per hour 

A category 3 hurricane is considered the first “major” hurricane. With wind speeds between 111-129 miles per hour, there will be a devastating amount of damage all around. You’ll see roofs completely lifted off the frame, and trees entirely uprooted and thrown about. You can expect to be without power for a few weeks.

Category 4

Wind Speeds: between 130-156 miles per hour

One category short of being the strongest, category 4 storms are catastrophic. There will be unbelievable amounts of damage in its path, with the land being nearly uninhabitable for months.

Category 5

Wind Speeds: greater than or equal to 157 miles per hour

A category 5 hurricane will have the power to destroy everything in its path. The land will be uninhabitable for months. 

As hurricane season 2022 gears up once again, it’s critical that your home is prepared to defend you and your family. By installing hurricane windows, you can rest assured that your home has the defense necessary to protect you and your loved ones against whatever Mother Nature throws its way. To learn more, contact us today and get the defense you deserve with ETI!

Impact Doors Vs. Average Doors: Is There Really A Difference?

While you’ve been considering upgrading your home with impact windows, you’ve likely come across impact doors as well. It’s easy to write them off as a gimmick following the rise in popularity of impact windows, however make no mistake: impact doors offer significant upgrades over the standard door that’s currently installed—especially ones that were installed in South Florida homes constructed during the 90s and early 2000s! Don’t worry, the Eurotech Industries team is here to help break down the differences (and advantages) of Impact Doors with average doors.

Their Construction

The average “Builder’s Standard” door is constructed using two sheet metal panels, with an insulating filler in the middle. The frame itself is typically made from either wood or aluminum, with a wood block for the bolt and handle. Doors in South Florida are designed to open outward, so as to not have heavy winds blow the door inward and expose your family to the elements. While usually safe in other places of the country, high wind speeds and thrown debris during South Florida’s hurricanes & tropical storms can easily destroy standard doors due to their weak construction and poor materials.

Impact doors are built using materials designed and tested to withstand the highest wind speeds and heaviest impacts. They’re built utilizing fiberglass sheeting with wood and composite reinforcements to secure the frame, then filled with a polyurethane foam designed to withstand the worst of the worst. Finished off with highly durable hinges, you can rest knowing that your door will protect you and your family against whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Protection Against Outside Forces

While impact doors are advertised as the best defense against hurricanes and tropical storms in South Florida, they’re also significantly better in stopping intruders than standard doors. The front door of a home is the number one location where burglars and intruders try to forcibly enter, either through breaking the door down or smashing the glass and opening it from the other side.

That option is completely removed with an impact door. The entire construction stops burglars in their tracks from even attempting to break their way in. Door options such as a french door that utilizes a significant amount of decorative glass is built using the same impact glass that is used in Eurotech impact windows, ensuring that they’re nearly impenetrable. Intruders can try as they might, if a category 4 hurricane can’t break the door down, they definitely won’t.

Don’t rely on a subpar Builder’s Standard door to protect you and your family when you need it most. Instead, make the switch to an impact door by Eurotech Industries. For decades, we’ve had the pleasure of installing our impact doors in homes across South Florida’s tri-county area, and we’re eager to upgrade your door. Contact Eurotech Industries today either online or give us a call at (954) 630-9967.