Month: January 2022

Ins & Outs of New Impact Windows Maintenance

Congrats! You’ve just recently had your new impact windows installed and they are glistening in the sunlight. You could stare out of them all day long, or until you notice a smudge. And another, and another. As time goes on, the elements will cake on your impact windows. To avoid this and keep your impact windows crystal clear all year long, consider the following tips to ensure they keep looking beautiful and function flawlessly for years to come.

Use The Right Tools To Clean Any Gunk

When cleaning your windows, it’s essential you make sure you have the right tools equipped for the job. Using a scraper to remove dirt and debris can actually scratch your windows and cause unsightly scrapes across the pane. If your impact windows have dirt and other heavier debris caked on, simply use water from your hose to soften up the debris before wiping away with a nonabrasive towel. 

Follow The Process

To best clean your windows follow this simple process:

  1. Spray down the glass with a hose. Do not use a pressure washer, as these can damage the grout. Heavier gunk and debris should come loose. If not, use a non-abrasive towel to remove. Spray down with water once again.
  2. As the window is drying, use a squeegee to remove any excess water remaining from the spray down. DO NOT let the window dry in the sun, as direct sunlight will leave watermarks across the glass. 
  3. After squeegeeing the glass, apply your non-abrasive glass cleaner to your impact windows. Wipe down with a fresh microfiber towel (do not use the same one twice).

Check Your Windows For Any Signs of Wear & Tear

While this isn’t a concern for brand new impact windows, as time goes on you should be on the lookout for any telltale signs of your impact windows wearing down over time or more pressing issues that need to be addressed and repaired immediately. 

It’s a good rule of thumb to check your windows after every major storm, as heavy winds can throw debris around. While your windows were designed to protect you from thrown debris and other dangers, they still wear down from each impact. If you find any abrasions, cracks, or scratches, please contact us as soon as possible. Do not try to repair them yourself, as this could lead to further damaging your impact windows further. 

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