Month: November 2021

Commonly Asked Questions About Impact Doors

Here at ETI Windows, we strive to provide our customers with as much information as possible so they can make the best investment decisions for their home. We’ve noticed through the years that many of our clients will have the same questions about their impact doors. While we do our best to outline some of these throughout the site and whenever someone reaches out to us, there are some questions we’d like to highlight to better assist you while making your decision.

What Makes A Door “Impact”?

There’s essentially two core types of doors: normal doors—otherwise known as builder’s standard doors—and impact resistant doors. Normal doors are typically constructed with two pieces of wood and consist of an insulation filler in between. While considered the building standard, they tend to crack, warp and fall apart over time due to the heavy rains and winds of living in South Florida. Standard glass used in doors can be easily damaged by severe winds and debris.

With impact doors, that becomes a worry of the past. Typically, impact doors are made with either an aluminum, steel, or a fiberglass casing with reinforced hinges and hurricane resistant glass. All Eurotech Industries doors are made with a heavy gauge aluminum alloy frame to guarantee maximum strength. This ensures that your doors can withstand whatever the elements may throw at them, even if it may be the toughest of hurricanes.

Am I Trapped To One Style Of Door?

No! While many other impact window door providers typically offer one set style, we provide a multitude of styles that take influence from more modern European styles to both enhance

Just like our windows, we offer a variety of impact doors to match your style. From french doors to Bermuda doors, we’ll have what you’re looking for. Don’t see it? Don’t worry! We also offer custom door options to better suit exactly what you’re looking for.

What Benefits Do I Get With My Impact Door?

Aside from their immediate protection against the devastating impact of heavy storms, impact doors offer a multitude of benefits designed to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. Impact doors are designed to withstand large impacts, which means they’re perfect for deterring home invaders. Impact glass doesn’t shatter the same way as normal glass, ensuring nobody will be able to break in easily.

Additionally, insurance providers typically provide credits/discounts back to homeowners who have impact windows & doors installed in their homes.

Impact windows and doors provide an immediate boost to your property’s value. They’re highly sought after in the housing market, making them a high value addition to your home.

Don’t see your question above about impact doors? Contact the Eurotech Windows team today and a representative will be more than happy to assist!

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